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SimStables is a horse simulation game that strives to provide ease of use with a wide variety of goals. You can choose to focus on breeding, showing, or a combination of both. Sell your horses to earn cash, show them to earn points and raise your level, and more! There are many possibilities awaiting you. Do you dare to accept the challenge?

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Sim Stables is a working example of a premade game being sold by Paradigm Programming LLC. A copy of the premade game comes with all of the features on this game except as follows:

  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are not included for legal reasons.
  • The Rules are not included. You should make rules that are specific to your game.
  • The domain name. You need your own domain name for the premade game.
  • The horse breed list
  • The discipline list
  • The club list
  • The graphics used (world map, default horse image, and so on).

When you purchase the premade game, you will receive:

  • The code and database for the game.
  • Access to the game's administration area (add breeds, add/delete moderators, and otherwise control the game).
  • 2-month guarantee on code (free bug fixing on unaltered code).
  • Generic layout (limitations exist).
  • Up to 8 hours of customizations on the game.
  • Assistance setting up the game on your server (cPanel only).

To run your game, you will need:

  • Web hosting that includes: PHP, MySQL, and Cron jobs. In addition to this, it is desirable to have, though not required, cPanel as your control panel for administrating your website.
  • A domain name.

This premade game currently costs $400 USD and comes with a limited license. The license states that you cannot redistribute the code or resell it UNLESS you pay a licensing fee to Paradigm. The code cannot be used to create a new game. Paradigm's copyright notice must remain intact with the game at all times. Paradigm's copyright notice cannot be changed.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this premade game, please Contact Us.

4:57pm on February 16th, 2019
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